Parameters Colour (ICUMSA Units) under 45 by method 9Polarisation99.8% Minimum Moisture0.05% Max Reducing sugars0.04% Max Glucose & Invert Sugars (mg)112mg Max Ash Content0.05% MaxSolubility99.99% Sulphur dioxide (ppm)15ppm Max Granulation Super Fine or Fine Radiation Not available.

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Due to its optimality and rich taste, ICUSMSA 45 is extensively demanded and appreciated by all the major national as well as international clients. At Trans vector LLC, we provide the ICUMSE 45 service to our esteemed clients. This type of sugar is highly enriched with carbohydrates and contains hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. ICUMSE 45 adds a unique taste to various foods and drinks all over the world. It is demanded from all over the world and is very hygienic to use. Order your ICUMSA 45 today with the best suppliers here at Trans vector LLC.

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