Trans vector LLC supplies Refined Corn Oil for cooking purposes and human consumption. This oil is well refined and is 100% pure edible corn oil. It is available with us at a very good rate and is exported to all parts of the world. Attractive packaging options are also available for our clients. The Refined Corn Oil is very pure and used in cooking, eating. It keeps the human heart healthy. Get this 100% pure Refined Corn Oil at Trans vector LLC Export and Import. We will make this available to you at very reliable and affordable prices. Place your order at Trans vector LLC today!

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Free Oil Acidity (Expressed OS Oleic Acid) 0.30%
Max Refractive Index at 40C 1.466-1.470
Peroxide Value (Meg. Gr/Kg) 1.0 Max
Saponification Value 189-195
Iodine Value 120-143
Density at 20C 0.909-0.925
Unsaponifiable Matters 1.5% Max
Appearance Clear Soap Test 0.005% Max
Insoluble Impurity in Ether 0.05 Max
Volatile Matter at 105C Test Negative
Mineral Oil Test Negative
Sesame Seed Oil Test Negative
Cold Test after 24 Hours Negative
FF (Iron) 1.5 Max
CU (Copper) 0.1 Max

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