Refined Soybean Oil is extracted from soybean seeds and is edible vegetable oil. It is used the most around the world for cooking purposes and more. In today’s world, Soybean is a widely cultivated commercial crop. It is mainly grown in Argentina, India, U.S., Brazil, and China. Soybean belongs to the family of Fabaceae (Leguminosae). This type of oil has a great lipid profile. In healthy proportions, it has polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, saturated fats. Refined Soybean Oil is one of the stable cooking oils and carries a long shelf life. Get this product at Trans vector LLC at the best and affordable prices.

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Free Oil Acidity (Expressed OS Oleic Acid) 0.30%
Max Refractive Index at 40C 1.466-1.470
Peroxide Value (Meg. Gr/Kg) 1.0 Max
Saponification Value 189-195
Iodine Value 120-143
Density at 20C 0.909-0.925
Unsaponifiable Matters 1.5% Max
Appearance Clear Soap Test 0.005% Max
Insoluble Impurity in Ether 0.05 Max
Volatile Matter at 105C Test Negative
Mineral Oil Test Negative
Sesame Seed Oil Test Negative
Cold Test after 24 Hours Negative
FF (Iron) 1.5 Max
CU (Copper) 0.1 Max
PB (Lead) 0.1Max

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