Refined Sunflower Oil is one of the known oil products that help in keeping the level of cholesterol low and even reduces the chances of heatstroke. This oil is very easy to use while cooking. Very little quantity of oil is needed to make food. With its non-sticky texture, it is light-weighted too. This oil is mainly used by people who have heart-related issues and care for their hearts. At Trans vector LLC, we are concerned about the quality of products and that’s why we make them available in a wide range of excellent quality cooking oil. Book your order now!

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 Refined Sunflower Oil  specification    Actual Value
 Color Number, Mg Lodi  1-10   1-3
 Acide Value. Mg  < 0.60   0.60
 Peroxide Value, 1⁄2 0 Millimole/ Kg  <10  0.5
 Moisture And Volatile Matter,%  <0.10  0.065
 Density ratio for oil at 20°c temp  0,918-0,923  0.92
 Refractive index at 40°  1,467-1,469  1,468
 Flash Point, °c  234   235
 Lodine Value  110-143  130
 Unsoaping materials  1,5  1,468
 Soap,%  none  none
 Saponification value, gm  179-194  179
 Shelf Life  24 Months
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